Neel Thirukonda, 19, Melbourne Australia

Merely A Personal blog where i post up my thoughts and other similar things.

Knowledge is Power
Power is Respect
Respect is Greatness

Neel Thirukonda | Don't You Think It's Time | #CountMeIn

I still don’t know if anyone notices these links on tumblr lol

Either way, my latest cover is out! check it out :)

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Anonymous asked:

Heard your music, thought "wow he's awesome!" I was about to just add everything to my YouTube favorites and move along with life but then I discovered: HE HAS A TUMBLR! So hey from AL, USA (:

keep calm answered:

Hey there! Thanks so much, that’s awesome! I don’t really use tumblr that often but i’ll try to stay active on it just for you :) hahaha

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"5 Things You Might Not Know About Me! - Vlog #4"  

Hey everyone, I’m back! And here’s 5 things you might not know about me! :)





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